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Solow AiR Suspension Management

Height Sensors Kit

Tank with Fittings

Twin SoLow SHH With Power Kit


SoLow Auto Levelling Management

  • LCD control panel with capacitive touchscreen, multi-touch support and haptic feedback for user comfort during operation.
  • Up to 3 customizable driver profiles can be set in air management.
  • Integrated 6-axis acceleration sensor enables speed signal processing for additional functions like cruise safe control.
  • SOLOW auto levelling components meet high-quality standards, including pressure sensors, mountable in a specially designed block or externally.
  • Optional connections for height sensors, with an integrated tool for easy adjustment.
  • Compatible with Valve4 valve block or commercially available magnet valves, allowing for cost-effective upgrades.
  • Programmed overshoot control for precise height adjustment.
  • Crossload monitoring corrects pressure per axis, addressing diagonal lifting issues.
  • Includes familiar functions like Rise-on-Start, tank pressure monitoring and control via the panel.
  • Level function for levelling on uneven surfaces.
  • Utilizes well-established Cruise-Safe functions without an additional module.
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for smartphone control via a dedicated app, with easy future updates.
  • SOLOW auto levelling is 100% ECE-R10 approved, making it legally usable in road traffic


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