John's Audi RS3

We had the pleasure of John’s absolutely stunning Nardo grey Audi RS3 in for maintenance. First up was a Tunap Intake Valve Media Blast. The 5 cylinder engine in this car suffers from carbon deposits building up on the back of the valves due to not being washed by the fuel, this causes poor running and performance issues. We removed the inlet and cleaned the valves with our Polymer Bead blasting equipment.


While the injectors were removed they were run through our in-house Injector Cleaning Machine and each injector is then flow tested at various speeds to check the health. All new gaskets and stretch bolts were then fitted on reassembly. The car was then run up to temperature with a Kent Europe engine flush before dropping the old oil and filter and replenishing with Quantum high performance oil and a genuine filter.


We then got onto draining the Haldex system and cleaning out the pump and filter gauze. Transfer box and rear axle oil was also changed and new magnetic plugs fitted. Accompanied with a DSG oil and filter change.


Finished up by entering all the above work onto the Audi Digital Service History.


Maintenance on this scale is not often seen but is true testament to one of the cleanest Audi RS3s out there and the dedication of a real car enthusiast who understands the importance of maintaining a high performance vehicle.e

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