Max Load Air-Ride Install & 30mm Engine & Subframe Lift

We’ve had the pleasure of @jack.little77 Transporter in for more work these last few weeks.

We originally fitted the @maxload_airride_europe a few months ago but jack wanted it lower and more practical. So we started with a 30mm engine and subframe lift, Replaced the rear shocks for @gazshocks short shocks and notched, trimmed and cut in a few places to get it sitting the way he wanted it.

Everyone who visited the garage all commented on how good it looked.


Max Load Air-Ride Install

@mattmassey14 dropped off his T6 for some @maxload_airride_europe love.

Matt wanted a fully hidden system so he could still maintain room for his daily work van and fit his motorbike for track days.

Marc & I got to business installing the hardware and eventually came up with a plan mounting the tank to the spare wheel carrier.

Fabricating compressor mounts and fitting the manifold under the passenger seat.

Creating a fully hidden system with no compromise on space and not chopping the van up too much.


Max Load Air-Ride Install

That’s another @maxload_airride_europe kit installed on @slammatuer T5.1
This time the criteria was simple. Cut what you need and make it low.
After a lot of swearing at his @japanracingwheels 10 inch et35 rears we got some adjustable @powerflexbushes to get them to fit in the arches.
This sits hard on the front with 30mm subframe raise and notches and all seams cut back.
The rear had the usual cuts with bumpstops removed from rear shocks.
Bearing in mind this is an empty van at the moment we think it sits quite well. 
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